Contracting Specialist

CRYSTAL NG 832-205-8229

APRIL LAURIE 501-503-1711


New Agent Checklist

  • Plugged into SLACK One Culture workspace and upload profile picture

  • Received resident license and NPN

  • Completed Anti-Money Laundering (AML) course

  • Purchase E&O insurance

  • Access to Gateway

  • Contracting carriers via NLC platform

  • Contracting carriers via SureLC (aka Surance Bay) platform

  • Complete #1 IUL carrier, National Life Group (NLG) contract directly with carrier

  • Complete IUL Bootcamp and Annuity 101 (accessible thru Gateway)

  • Email Admin Team all your carrier writing number

  • One-on-one coaching with manager

  • Gain access to One Culture Training Library google drive

  • Start writing business!


  • Gateway is the gateway to FFL corporate system

  • You will be introduced to Gateway after you accepted onboarding email invite from FFL. This step is done during your onboarding zoom meeting with Admin

  • Key platforms to access from Gateway are HCMS, SureLC and NLC

  • Bookmark Gateway site for easy access. Remember your login and password


  • Hierarchy Compensation and Management System (HCMS) is a software solutions used by agents, admins and FFL corporate contracting team to manage contracting requests

  • During your onboarding zoom meeting, Admin will walk you thru accepting HCMS invite to onboard FFL

  • Remember your user name and password

  • In HCMS, you will see basic contact information, compensation level, your Upline manager, and agents you recruited under you (downlines).

  • Life carriers writing number must be updated in your HCMS profile. Please notify Admin team your writing number!


Sample contracting email from

corporate sent via SureLC portal

If you see yellow or red dot in any sections, that means you have something left to complete prior to submitting your contract!

  • SureLC also known as SuranceBay is a contracting platform that FFL use to collect contract information and submit your application to carriers

  • Admin team will walk you through creating your SureLC account and updating pertinent information, such as AML, E&O, EFT, etc. during your onboarding zoom meeting

  • Once your account is created, corporate will be able to send contract for various carriers to you via SureLC. You will complete, sign and return contract for corporate review. Corporate signs off on your application and submits to carrier. You will be able to view this process in SureLC.

  • Please DO NOT try to fill out a contract on your phone. This process is much easier to complete on your laptop or desktop.

  • Carrier DOES NOT respond to SureLC portal with a decision on your contract! Carrier communicates appointment decision via email directly with you, and a message will be relayed to your Admin. It is best to call carrier for the status of your contracting application.

  • If you have had a SureLC account with another IMO before, please sign up as a new user with a new email - if not everything you do goes to YOUR practice company instead of FFL


> FINRA - choose NO, unless you have this license

> LTC - choose NO (we do not sell Long Term Care)

Your contracts in SureLC will move through this process

1) At PRODUCER: This is your contracting inbox. Nothing should live here. Anything here is either a new contract that has never been submitted, or a contracting request that got kicked back from corporate.

2) AT BGA: This is where FFL corporate contracting team review your contract and submit it to carrier. If needed, they kick contract back to AT PRODUCE for you to fix and resubmit.

3) AT CARRIER: One week after contracts have been delivered here, you should call carrier to check status of your appointment until you receive approval.


In Gateway dashboard,

click on the nine black dots icon

at top right hand corner

  • Next Level Contracting (NLC) is another contracting platform that FFL corporate uses

  • Access NLC portal through Gateway

  • Admin will walk you through your initial NLC account set up and upload pertinent information to your NLC account

  • The first carrier new agent will contract in NLC is Mutual of Omaha (unless you have had contracted with this carrier with other IMO)